Welcome to my new site...

I'm excited to be bringing you my brand new website...! Thought it was about time! Many who know me associate me with my small animal business Pucka Pets - which I run alongside my teaching. I have been itching to get going with a new equine blog so here we are. 


It's a fantastic start to the Summer, no doubt about it! The sun started shining last week and I think everyone would agree we just can't get enough...its a bit of a shock having to dig out my summer riding gear...most riddled with holes! I think it's about time I purchased some new kit. In addition to my moth eaten johdpur collection, my only pair of smart long riding boots malfunctioned quite recently (mid way through a teaching exam in fact) so the zip now occasionally strays...I think a replacement for those is also called for.


I have recently started working at Wimbledon Village Stables which is very local to me....take a look at their website and certainly come and have a ride if you live in London. I've loved teaching on the common and have a fantastic bunch of riders and horses.


Today us staff were lucky enough to have a lesson from Patrick Print FBHS - he presented the BHS exam series so his face was familiar (!) I remember watching these with dread as my exams approached....very helpful though obviously. Great lesson, I got alot out of it - would certainly recommend him!


Another busy day ahead tomorrow so I shall sign off...but I welcome you all to the site and hope to meet you and your horses at some point soon...


M x

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